1. Important Dates 

  NOW                                   Balance of camp fees due
 7 July            Monday          All forms due
18 July           Friday             Pack out from Hartwood Church at 7:00 pm
20 July           Sunday          Arrive at  Route 17 Commuter Lot at 7:30 am
26 July           Saturday        Arrive back at Route 17 Commuter Lot at 3:00 pm 

2. Transportation.  The troop will travel by car to Camp Olmsted, departing from the Route 17 commuter lot at 8:00 am on Sunday, 18 July. The troop will return to the Route 17 commuter lot at approximately 2:00 pm on Saturday, 26 July. We currently have enough parents to volunteer as drivers for the trips to and from Camp Olmsted.   Scouts will wear Class A uniforms (without sash) during the trip to and from summer camp. During travel, scouts may play video games or listen to music on CD players / radios. However, all electronic devices will be secured in the car upon arrival. No video games, CD players, radios, or other electronic entertainment devices will be allowed in camp.  

3. Forms.  The following forms or required information must be completed and returned by 5 July. All required forms must be completely and accurately filled out as required by our troop bylaws, and BSA policies (for complete list, scroll to the bottom of page).

a)     BSA Medical Forms [Class 1 & 2], [Class 3] (Class 1 & 2 or Class 3 depending on age & health)

b)       Troop 1717 Parental Consent Form

c)     New Scout Merit Badge Form

d) Goshen Medical Form (to be turned in with medication during pack-out)

For many scouts, the troop has copies of medical forms and the troop parental consent form. In these cases, a simple update may be all that is required. Please see Ms. Heidi Sutton to determine what exactly is required in your specific case. We regret that some of the information is redundant across the forms, but Goshen has specific forms we must submit in order to go to summer camp. The sooner we take care of the paper work, the better for all concerned.

4. Medical

·         Every scout and adults under age 40 must submit a Class 1 and 2 medical form (Form 34414), requiring a medical exam once every 3 years and an annual update of medical information by the parent / guardian. 

·         All adults over 40 years must fill out a Class 3 medical form (Form 344142A), which requires an annual physical exam. 

·         All “High Adventure” participants attending Camp Rodney Sailing Camp require a Class 3 medical physical for scouts.

·         In addition to annotating the appropriate medical forms, make sure our adult troop leaders are aware of any medical conditions, required prescription drugs, special equipment, handicaps, special diets, or special needs.

·         All prescription and non-prescription medications must be stored under lock and key in the camp health lodge. Medications must be controlled and distributed by the camp health officer. Troop 1717 will collect all medications on Friday 18 July at the pack out. Place the Prescription Medication sheet and proper medication dosage(s) in a small Ziploc bag, one bag with medication(s) for each time the meds are to be administered. The Camp Health Officer will distribute the meds in the Ziploc bags at the designated time (usually at each meal).

·         It’s always a good idea to make a photocopy of your medical forms, and keep a set for your own records.

·         First aid is available at the Camp Olmsted Health Lodge which is staffed 24/7. If further medical attention is required, arrangements have been made with local rescue squads and hospitals to handle any medical emergencies.

·          Dehydration and insect bites are the most common medical problems at summer camp. Scouts must continually drink water to stay hydrated and should bring non-aerosol insect repellent.   

5. Emergency Contact at Summer Camp.  To contact a scout at summer camp, call Camp Olmsted at (540) 997-5773. Calls should be made only in case of emergency. 

6. Mailing Address. Scouts can receive mail at Camp Olmsted. Please address mail to:

                        Scout name, Troop 1717

                        Camp Olmsted

                                  Goshen Scout Reservation

340 Millard Burke Memorial Highway

Goshen, VA 24439 

7. Scouting Program

·         Scouts may take up to 6 merit badges. Camp Olmsted offers a wide variety of merit badges (see handouts). Our scoutmasters will work very closely with our scouts to provide advice on selecting merit badges and advancement.

·         Partial credit for merit badge work done at Camp Olmsted will be marked on blue merit badge cards. These cards will be given to the unit leader at the end of the week.

·         There is much to do at summer camp such as swimming, sports, hiking, evening programs, and much more – however, don’t forget to relax and have FUN!

8. Camp Olmsted – Facts & Information

·         Scouts sleep in raised platform tents with army-style canvas cots. Two scouts are assigned to each tent.

·         All meals will be served in the Dining Hall at our assigned tables.

·         Special dietary needs must be presented before coming to camp. Please submit a letter to Mr. Carl Darron before Monday, 5 July.

·         Camp Olmsted requests full class “A” uniforms be worn to all retreat ceremonies, chapel services, and Sunday and Friday campfires.

·         Merit Badge sign up for Camp Olmsted will be conducted during Troop meetings before camp. Please refer to the 2007 Camp Olsted Merit Badge Schedule handout when selecting merit badge preferences.  New Scouts will submit a Merit Badge form described in the New Scout Parent Letter (link below)

·         Cutting through other camps and campsites is not allowed.

·         All scouts and adults are required to take the BSA swim test on Sunday soon after arrival at camp. Have your towel and swimsuit packed on top of your gear.

·         The buddy system must be adhered to at all times – at least two campers must be together at all times.

·         The Camp Olmsted web site is: http://www.boyscouts-ncac.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.asp?LinkKey=15977&orgkey=1933

9. Personal Funds.  Scouts will need to bring along their own personal spending money to cover the cost of food during travel, merit badge supplies, and any miscellaneous snacks and souvenirs at camp. Lunch going to and from camp will cost approximately $10 for two meals plus $30-$60 for spending at camp. Parents and scouts should use their discretion on the amount of cash brought to summer camp. All but $10 will be secured in the “Troop Bank” for safe keeping at the pack out on 18 July. Scouts will bring their money in small denominations to the troop banker. 

10. Adult Volunteers.  We will need adult volunteers to help out as follows:

·         Drivers to and from Camp Olmsted on 20 and 26 July

·         Troop Medication Coordinator – ensure medications are taken as prescribed at summer camp

·         Troop “Banker” – to safeguard and issue scout’s discretionary cash

·         Board of Review Chair – arrange and lead BOR for advancements

·         Troop Communications – Maintain and coordinate the Troop walkie-talkie Network.  Pick-up and deliver mail as necessary

·         Troop Adjutant – Maintain accountability of Scouts arriving and departing camp site. 

·         Troop Transportation – Arrange Scout vehicle distribution plan (departure & return).  Make trips "in to town" as necessary. 

·         Troop “Weather Person" – to post weather forecasts and ensure the Troop is drilled properly in the event of inclement weather

·         Troop Supply – Coordinate with Olmsted quartermaster for camp site supplies and ice. 

·         Special Projects Coordinator(s) – assist scoutmasters with coordinating camp activities and special events such as service projects, camp sports, dining facility duties, etc.  

11. Summer Camp Fees

·         All scouts should be paid in full.  Any questions please contact Mr. Carl Darron           

12. Information Handouts

a) Summer Camp Personal Equipment List

b) 2008 Camp Olmsted Merit Badge Schedule

c) Summer Camp Leaders Guide

d) Merit Badge Description & Pre-requisites

e) Class 1 & 2 Medical Forms

f) Class 3 Medical Form

g) Troop 1717 Parent Consent Form

h) New Scout Parent Letter

i) Camp Olmsted Map

j). Goshen Medical Form




 Troop 1717Text Box: SUMMER CAMP 2008 - Camp Olmsted, Goshen, VA - As of June 25, 2008
Hartwood, Virginia